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January 13, 2017

In the mood to do something new, I booked a floatation session in a sensory deprivation tank located in a NYC Spa. I’m a good floater but I wondered would floating in the dark for an hour be a pleasant rejuvenating or relaxing experience as reported?

When I arrived I was led to a beautiful private room with an open floor plan that contained a vanity dressing area, a shower and door to enter the float room. Instructions about using the provided ear plugs, suggested floating positions, water...

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Authentic Travel

January 24, 2017

A last minute discounted airfare to Bali - a destination I’ve wanted to visit for years, prompted me to head there. My priorities were to immerse in the culture, food and the massages. I sought out a homestay at the beginning of my trip to give me perspective. A simple Google search led me to a wonderfully unique one in the mountains that went beyond room and board.

I spend four days experiencing day to day family life, traditions and local sights with my host family. The open air style of...

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